29 Protective Hairstyle Ideas for Summer 2023

29 Protective Hairstyle Ideas for Summer 2023

Every black girl loves a good protective hairstyle. I mean, you can protect your hair from damage and look good all at the same time! I love protective hairstyles and like most all black girls I put a lot of thought into picking my next hairstyle. Lets face it you’re going to be rocking that do for probably the next two months, so picking the right hairstyle is no small issue. We’re constantly on the hunt for the next amazing braided hairstyles to try out.

Since spring and summer months are almost here, I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of protective hairstyles I would do during these warmer months. There is nothing grosser than a sweaty scalp trapped under a mountain of hair. Which is why I always go for styles that use less hair and are easy to manipulate.

That’s what this post is basically going to showcase! Some amazing protective hairstyle ideas for summer, that are light and easy to maintain and manipulate. When it’s hot outside you don’t want hair that requires a lot of fuss, which is why I swear by protective styles for summer!


  1. Use a silk scarf to protect your hair at night: I know the whole point of doing braids is to protect your hair, so why add on the double protection of a scarf/bonnet? Well the scarf really does help to prevent your hair from fizzing up too early.
  2. Moisturize your hair: This one is really obvious. Moisturizing your hair is important to keep it healthy and it also helps to prevent an itchy scalp which can lead to scratching and scratching too much can ruin your braided hairstyle.



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