Styling Natural Short Hair: 37 Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Styling Natural Short Hair: 37 Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Just because your natural hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate it into different styles. Styling natural short hair is an art on its own and it requires much care because 4C hair is fragile.

Though your 4C hair may be delicate, it still remains the most versatile of all hair types. Now, what does this mean for you?

It means your natural hair can give you gorgeous looks regardless of its length. The strands are elastic and the coils are curvy. This makes it able to form braids, twists, curls, and different shapes with (or without) wax, gel, hair pins, or rubber bands.

How to Style Natural Short Hair
If your type C hair is short, manipulate it into any of these styles:

Short Haircut
Wanna take a break from manipulating your hair? Cut it. Low cuts aren’t only good for men. They look good on women too.

You can cut all your hair low at the same length or shave the sides to create fades for short hair.

Bantu Knots
If you want an Afrocentric look that’ll take you back to your roots, the Bantu knot hairdo is the way to go. They suit any occasion so long as you style your knots right.

Furthermore, consider using bobby pins to keep your knots in place. And wear a satin bonnet to retain moisture in your hair.

Marsai Martin wearing two afro puffs
Afro puffs are similar to the common bun. It involves using a rubber band to style your afro hair into an updo that is dense and creates one or two puffs.

Many naturalistas love the puff. You can add hair accessories like clips to your hair or wear one or two braids/twists by the side.

Twists blend in with the coils of your afro-textured hair to create appealing rope-like looks.

You can go for Senegalese twists or bounce twists. The latter suits natural hair better as it compresses after twisting to create bouncy curls that increase in length when stretched.

Cornrows are sleek and perfect for styling natural short hair.

Alicia Keys wearing cornrows for styling natural short hair and holding an award
You can braid your hair into different styles of cornrows or add some hair extensions to increase the length a bit while still maintaining a natural look.

If you don’t want twists or cornrows, manipulate your hair into box braids as you’d like.

You don’t have to braid or twist all your hair. You can manipulate half and leave the rest untouched for a stylish look.

Frohawk takes inspiration from the mohawk. But here, instead of shaving the sides of your hair, you manipulate all your hair into a frohawk.

This style is perfect for you if you don’t mind a bit of drama.

Twists Outs
This styling for natural short hair involves dividing your hair into sections, twisting them, letting them dry, and unraveling the twists to achieve wavy strands.

Finger Coils
You don’t need to visit the salon to pull this off. You can do it alL by yourself in your bedroom or sitting room by wrapping your hair around your finger. The result will be tight and bouncy coils in your hair.

This is a gorgeous hair styling for natural short hair. If you don’t have the patience to do it yourself, by all means, meet your hairstylist.

Finger Waves
Zendaya wearing finger waves hairstyle
Got a dinner, red carpet, or black-tie event on your calendar? Why don’t you style your short hair into finger waves? It’ll look great when paired with your dinner dress.

This coiffure involves shaping the hair into flat “S-shaped” waves that lie flat on your scalp. The waves create a sophisticated look that can elevate a casual outfit to a glamorous one.

Use Extensions
Don’t wanna use your natural hair alone to achieve any of the coiffures on your mind? Use hair extensions instead.

From attachment extensions to clip-ins, crotchet, faux locs, wool, African threading, etc., there’s a lot for you to choose from. And they come in different colors too which helps you take a break from your natural hair color.

There you have it. If you need more ideas for styling natural short hair, feast your eyes on these:

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